Is my ex truly over me?

My ex and I broke up two months ago. He hasn't contacted me for about a month. He has been making it quite clear that he is having a great time without me. He told me he still loved me a month ago, is this really true? Do you think by giving him space he will come back or is he truly done?


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  • Hi, I'm in the exact same situation as you. We broke up ago 2 months ago and now haven't spoken for over 2 weeks. All I can say actions speaks louder than words. If truly loves you like he says, he'll make sure he does everything to keep you & not risk losing you. Try and carry on without him. He's bound to miss you at some point but no one can judge how he'll react. It would be great to think these guys will come back, but I believe giving the ex's space either goes two ways: they come back or move on. You can't control it, so move on hun and find someone who values you & will never risk you not being part of their life :)


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  • Thirty days is more than plenty of time to sort out any doubts and decide if he wants to be with you. I'd say move on. Don't miss out on anything waiting around. Notice if you begin dating someone if he pops up and wants to get back together. That could be a sign he isn't over you but, you've waited long enough.

    • I know its very true. I just figured since it was summer and were both doing our own thing and keeping busy I might have to wait and see what happens when we both go back to college. I have had a bunch of friends who's boyfriends have come back after months. I know I shouldn't hang around and wait but still...

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  • Sounds like he is truly done. Sorry. But who knows, the best thing you can do is move on. If he comes back great, if not then at least you can say that you've moved on.


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