She blocked me from Facebook and Whatsapp after a year of our breakup?

She and me had a really amazing relationship last year. Because reasons, we couldn't stay together. She even told me that there was already a new guy approaching her, but that she was really clinged to me, so that made her kind of sick.

She kept talking to me kind of a lot, though. One day, she invited me to cinema. We went. I gave her some presents I wanted to give her when we were in a relationship. She even uploaded a photo of the book I gave her as a Whatsapp profile picture. After that, though, she stopped talking to me.
I never liked stuff from her on Facebook, I never started a conversation with her on Whats. I thought she didn't wanted to talk to me anymore. But, after months of relatively no contact, she blocks me on Facebook, then sent me this text: "You're part of a past that has no future. I tried to cut ties with you from a long time ago, but for some reason we talk again. This is getting into a sick relationship. Have a nice life, I'm already redoing mine
I just wanted to, maybe not be best friends, but at least friends, at least not having to do that. So she doing that after months of virtually no contact (she liked my stuff on fb), she does that. I told her it was ok if that makes her feel ok, but I also asked why she meant with 'sick relationship', like 'our friendship', and that.
I'm really curious to know why, despite that we broke up in good terms, she invited me to cinema, I never really bothered her in any form, though I occasionally said hi to her, she blocks me and even tells me that 'I'm a past that has no future', like even no friendship? Thanks for your replies
by the way, she already has a new partner, as I just saw with a friends facebook profile. The same one that pretended her.

I told her "I dont get mad if you have a new boyfriend. You can do whatever you want since we are friends now"...

Despite that, she did it... So... Dunno what happened.


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  • She seems confused. She may want space to clear her mind. Don’t take it personal.

    • Confused in a "I miss you but I don't miss you?"

      I tend to not take this kind of things personal, but I really thought she and me were 'okai', I mean, 'not hurt' or something similar.

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    • Thank you for your time.
      I thought she moved on earlier. And yeah, i wish her well, but the thing is that why it seemed we moved on but then she does that? What do you mean on 'can't balance between me and the new guy'? Why am I even in that equation?

    • Ah... I just wished we just had a hug instead and then blocking... It made me feel like sh*t and if I was worth nothing :/

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