Should I confront my ex?

I left my ex for a year after he lied to me about another female. He pursued me persistently and lead me on to think he still cared and things changed. When I began believing him he eventually cut me off because he was in a whole relationship with another girl and he said he felt “fucked up” to her feelings - they as close to boyfriend and girlfriend as it can get. He is single so i’m assuming this is how he reasoned it in his head talking to me but his actions hurt me as he lead me on saying he wants me and missing me and told me all these feelings of how he wants to be with me. His new girl messaged me and this is how I was able to confirm they were serious as I saw she has posted them together. I am just so livid and I don’t want to interrupt their relationship.. I want to move on like I was before he was pursuing me again pouring out his feelings. I just don’t know if I should ask him why did he lead me on and why did he play with my emotions when he knew he had a been dating someone seriously?


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  • How long was your relationship?

    • a year and a half long. but half of it became a ldr. but we dated while broken up for another half year when things were rocky in ldr... then I left him for a year when I found out about some girl and I heard all these rumors about why he was acting different. I’m just annoyed because I was moving on and he really poured out his “feelings” and I thought they were genuine.

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    • and it’s okay ik I did my best to not make him feel like that and I was honest about where I was in my life. Thank you and you’re right it’s best I leave i. t be.

    • You are welcome.

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  • Keep it friendly. No sex. Everything that seems romantic but not direct like going out or playing, endulge in it, but if he makes a move correct him. He's messed up and if he cares, he'll enjoy being your friend first

    • Im celibate me and him haven’t had sex. but he has made moves on me and was basically passionately letting me know he’s still so attracted to me and loves me. He did do some sexual things to me. In the heat of the moment... I didn’t know he had a girl at the time. but I blocked him now. I dk if I should confront him about playing with my emotions.

    • You should, vent about it. Dont DO anything, but make sure you let him know what he did was not ok

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