Should I continue contact?

My husband and I are separated due to an accident I couldn't recover from and took a toll on us for three years, until we decided to separate. I continue to send him things such as gifts, cards and messages for his birthday, anniversary and anything important that's going on with the family (between contact we can go months, so it's not something I do daily, weekly or monthly).

Once, when my uncle passed 6 months ago he sent his condolences and thanked me for letting him know. When I give him knews about family or friends he will write them to let them know I told him and to offer sympathy or support, but he doesn't say anything to me. Should I keep extended the olive branch?
I received a letter from his attorney; he's filed for divorce. :-(


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  • It's good that you can be civil with each other event though you've separated. Perhaps he's thinking the same? Why not get in touch? Do you think there's any chance it could become a disaster?


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  • It's not a men's thing, normally the wife takes care of things like that. But he reacts on it, so it's fine. If you want more ask him to meet etc. :)

  • What kind of unrecoverable accident could cause your marriage to break down? That certainly doesn't sound right.

    • After the damage from the accident I went into a depression and suffered from PTSD. So, I wasn't the same, in many ways.

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    • It did leave me that way and I became depressed and got PTSD.

    • If you are physically disabled because of an accident, he's a creep to leave you. Just my opinion

  • For what purpose?

    • I don't know, it seems he appreciates knowing and the fact I keep him up to date on things. That's what he tells others too when he talks to them.

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    • Maybe you should because what you’re doing isn’t working

    • I thought maybe he needs me to back off a bit. Thanks for the insight.

  • Absolutely!

    • Sorry that he filed for divorce but you should still maintain the ship of state.

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