Friends with benefits wants more?

I have this friend. We occasionally hook up just for sex. We barely speak to each. In my mind it's strictly business. Its just sex and the occasional Hi, hello.
So this friend tells me that we should hang out and just chat. I'm ok with this but I don't want this friend to think that we beginning best Friends. And I do enjoy the times we together but I'm can't see anything past the reason for our friendship. its gonna complicate to many things for me and I don't have the Energy to deal with it. I'm even ashamed to be seen in public. I'm know I'm selfish for thinking like this.


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  • Were you upfront with her from the beginning about just wanting to be FwB? If you were, then your feelings are justified, and it’s her bad for catching feelings when you told her from the beginning what the relationship was. If you didn’t tell her however, I think now is the time to be honest and let her decide where to go from there.

    • I don't want to loose my friends with benefits. All solutions are pointing that way. What if I just went along with it

    • Tbh, that’d be selfish. To know she wants more, and to make her assume she will eventually get more bc you don’t wanna lose the “benefit”. It’s not fair to her. Talk to the girl, maybe you guys can get on the same page. If not, then let her go. There’s plenty of fish in the sea.

  • Lol why is your age 112? And nah you agreed to keep it casual then don’t be afraid to set boundaries. If they don’t like it, oh well. They agreed to a friends with benefits not a dating relationship

    • I can see how that could leave a negative impact on my sex live.

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