Moving on to a new guy after being dumped?

My boyfriend broke up with me a week ago (lets call him Sam) on good terms. He knows I have always had a soft spot for this other guy (let's call him Dave) who is a mutual friend of ours- not a best mate or anything but someone he's been friends with for a few years. On the weekend I was drinking with Dave and we ended up getting pretty flirty with each other and drunk and we kissed. Another mutual guy friend of ours (Mark) got really mad about it because he said it's too soon after Sam and also not fair or Dave to do that to Sam but he's taking his madness out on me. Sam doesn't know and luckily Mark didn't tell Sam even though Mark is as much my friend as he is Sams. Does Mark have a right to be mad at me? I was the one that got dumped! Have I done something wrong? I can move on whenever I want right? But it's probably not fair to get with my ex's friend... I don't know what to do! How do I stop Mark being mad with me? Should I stay away from Dave?
Moving on to a new guy after being dumped?
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