I feel so taken advantage of, I don't know how to calm down?

Look i know women go through this all the time with even bigger circumstances. I heard a lady on the radio say she bailed her boyfriend out of jail and found out he was cheating. Like this shit just isn't fair. Im so mad every single day bc i can't believe guys let a girl give up everything for them but wouldn't lift a finger for us. Who ever said men handle their shit? I dont see not one got their shit under control. Theyre the ones who need saving, bc women understand the bigger picture other than just ourselves and our needs. Were naturally compassionate and i feel like guys naturally dont care for others, and when he signs himself up for a relationship, its alive until it doesn't benefit him anymore, but who cares about the girl and the sacrifices she made for him? All for nothing. Youd assume I was dumped, but he couldnt even do that himself either. Im so miserable. Help me


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  • I think this is ur own view based on ur self experience and ur surroundings... I loved my ex very much much everything for her I took off work to wach her baby so she could still go to work even tho I made way more money.. I sacrificed everything yet it just didn't work out between us ( baby wasn't mine she was 6 months pregnate when we got together... im still in their life today and the baby (then) is now 7 years old..) I think some men just need to grow up but the situation goes both ways... equally.. but thasts my view.. some men have it together some women do too... nobody is perfect

    • I really appreciate your response it makes me feel not alone. Im so sorry that happened to you but i guess on my behalf, i was not near perfect either when this guy met me too, and i changed to be better for us to work out in our time and he didn't. So it got to the point i was better than him as a personal growth level and had to leave, but in my opinion, if he loved me like i had loved him, he wouldve changed for the better too. Thank you sm

    • Never change for anyome.. be u.. not a fake you.. spmeone will fall in love with u just give it time...

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  • I see.
    I'm surprised how one story can make someone feel such a way.

    • Wait what do you mean make you or me feel such a way? Oh i meant the story on the radio is an example but im personally struggling with this myself

    • Well you are obviously feeling bitter and perhaps sad judging from the fact that this post falls under the category of "Breakup & Divorce" I'm guessing you had a bad breakup, correct?

      I can assure however that it's not as big of a thing as you might think it is, you might hear about a negative story since they go viral bit you rarely hear about the positive story, the stories were guys go above and beyond for their partner.

  • Seems like you focus a lot on the negative lol

  • And there you have it... another feminist is born. This is how it usually happens. A woman has a bad experience with a man, stupidly assumes all men are like him, gets very bitter in her mind and develops a general sense of hatred for the entire male gender, and poof, she's a feminist.

    All those things you described... most men are not that way. It's comical how women complain so much about men making generalizations about women and then they do the very same thing to men. I'm guessing you don't even see any of your sexism for what it is.

    So sad.

    • If you want to prove me wrong you're more than welcome to

    • You are the biggest victim of your own bitterness and ignorance so I feel no need to "prove you wrong".

      Good luck.

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