How do you deal with an asshole ex?

I'm stuck in a group project with two guys--my ex boyfriend and his friend. My ex literally says "I drunk texted this girl from last weekend." His friend said "Cool" and kinda felt bad for me.

Why the fuck would he mention this when I'm 2 seats away? Is he retarded? If I wasn't there, I would understand why...

Mentally, I felt like slapping him or leaving the classroom. What the fuck am I supposed to do in this situation? If I wasn't there, I would understand but why the fuck would he mention it in front of my face?


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  • He wanted to make you jealous. You should laugh and think “Wow, he’s so desperate that he can’t text a girl sober. It’s a shame he has to drink to fill the empty void since we broke up.”
    Also think to yourself, “Booty call, much? That’s the only reason guys drunk text. There’s no way he drunk texted her a poem of love, when he can’t even love himself.”

    • He broke up with me though. Haha perhaps

    • Wow, you lucked out if he has to drunk text girls to even get attention.

    • Why would he want to make me jealous if he is over me?

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  • I always wanted to do the same in front of my ex. Why? Well i wanted to show her that i got better and beautiful girlfriend than you.
    Dont mind my thoughts because i am saying what i naturally feel i dont hide my feelings

  • he is just degrading your image in friends...


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