Recent break up with my soul mate. Should I stay or go?

Apologize for the length of this. I have dated this younger girl for about 5 years. Never daily, always meet ups. As a single divorced guy with a kid the situation appeared perfect to me. The first three years were rough as she was going through rehab and a divorce herself. We broke up for about 6 weeks with no contact and then she reached out. I was happy to hear from her and we found a common cause to continue talking and meeting up. She told me recently she called back then because she did not want to let me go. The last time we broke up, very recently, she informed me she would never stop loving me as we have been through so much, but for now we should work on our kids. Her situation is that she does not have custody of her child but wants to be a full time mom right now. Willing to put her own happiness aside for the motherhood she missed with her son. I get it, the rub is we broke up because she has been spending more time with her son which is increasing her time with her ex husband. Some folks say let it go. I plan to and have told her what she needs to do to get me back in her life. She needs to live on her own, currently sometimes stays at the Exs so she can take her son to school in the morning and understands that hurts me and that it is wrong if she is truly in a relationship with me. We have always had a long distance relationship. I certainly have some things to work out with my child and ex that could take some time and effort. Life is complicated. I know, call me crazy, "I love her and always will - she is my soul mate". What do I do when she comes calling again? I would like to know your opinions.


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  • It looks like u will accept her again if she comes back. It doesn't look like you will seek someone else.


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