Not sure where to put this. My relationship has been falling apart last night he slept with me hold me tight all nigh all had passionate slow sex?

My long term boyfriend and I had been having issues I am being distant most time n has been thinking of ending our relationship or improve it. Things started years ago so I now want better with or without him but rather have him. I believe he’s noticed he has said things before about us acting as if we’re friends or just co-parents or siblings. I did ask him to move out a while ago. We still are together including sex. He’s been trying to make a connection and get more attention n give more attention lately. Then last night he stayed overnight all night hold me all night long had passionate sex, the night was amazing which of course we haven’t in a long time. Months ago he asked why was it when we went on vacation it was best I don’t remember his exact words. I took the kids to school he asked me to come back to bed after taking them, when I did we resumed although we did try to have sex but strangely he couldn’t but right before I left he could’ve. He didn’t hurry to leave for work as usual (he’s the owner n boss) I made him tea (which is nice n different of me) he sat at the table drinking tea together before he left for work (he rarely had breakfast) soon later he returned with my uncles fishing poles ( untangle them) from last time we all went then left, fishing is also something new. He came to my house about 8 pm I don't know gave me two sundresses he bought n candy for everyone we talked for a bit I had company here then we seemed to ignore each other he played with my computer near me while I played cards. He left to something for an hour even told me where he was going and asked me how long should that be an hour later he came back then resumed eventually he went up to get ready for bed didn’t tell me then I found him asleep in my room.


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  • I think he doesn't want to lose you, and instead of most guys just saying so, he's doing his best to prove it, and god damn, he's doing a great job. Problem is, you don't know how long this side of him will last. The ball is entirely in your court. He showed who he can be. Do you want to keep him in your life, or do you need to move on? It seems like both have their ups and downs, and again, how long does he keep acting like this? It's up to you to decide if it's worth it.

    • He hasn’t slept over in a long time... I’ve been seeing him trying to improve things more n more very often even doing very little things for me even with me. What should I do now to help improve things now and what’s my next step? We don’t talk about our problems anymore it’s difficult for us both and I used to be the difficult girlfriend now I gave up n don’t want to be difficult anymore, I’m tiered.

    • What you do is you take each day at a time. Figure out the best time to address your issues. That is again, up to you to know when it's time. And when you do, make sure you say something like "we can't ignore these issues, or they will haunt us forever". Again, just take each day at a time.

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  • sounds like he is very hard to work things out.


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  • i dont know exactly whats going on over there, however could it be that its just the day to day drag thats wearing you guys out?

    the slow passionate sex does show both of you still care, him holding you all night sends a clear message.

    what is the usual reason that makes you doubt your relationship?
    why are you being distant?

    • Because I want a better relationship 100% or break up n look for someone new and just be good co-parents. We had problems from years ago n some still exist I let us go years ago/not giving my best, now I realize I don’t want to do that I’m tired n we both deserve better. It’s unusual because he hasn’t slept over in a long time...

    • if you didn't give your best, why not do that now? no reason to end things off of that, but perhaps the things from the past will take to heavy a toll to be able to recover.

      only one can say for sure what stage it is at, thats you.

      if you think this can't be saved, then yes its time to move on

    • Thank you for your MHO Vote :)

  • Either keep a bit distance like now or use the chance for a new round of relationship with more knowledge

    • Talk with him, analyze the problems from the first try and find actions to avoid them to happen again. Like breakfast always together, one day going out per week, some courses together, ..

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