Ex girlfriend being hot and cold? why?

Ex girlfriend broke up with me. Said she needed space. I frequently see her at the gym

Last week, she was quite friendly and was teasing me. This was the first time we have interacted like that in a long long while. Saturday morning, she approaches me saying she heard I was participating in a competition. I playfully told her not to attend as I will be topless and don't want her to take photos of me topless. She walks away saying "One day you'll grow up"

I saw her last night and she was ignoring me completely.

What is she doing? what is that all about?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Personally, I was hot and cold with my ex boyfriend because I still had feelings for him, but i also knew that we weren't a good match for each other.


What Guys Said 1

  • Mate in the 30’s you shouldn’t entertain games lol.

    Because there is seriously NO WAY to ever no what a girl is thinking when playing hot and cold. Could mean something, could mean nothing.

    She might’ve felt like approaching and being playful one day, then told herself not to engage again because she don’t wanna give the wrong idea or catch lingering feelings.

    It could be anything with girls mate. That’s why by 30 you develop a system of cutting them off if games persist lol.


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