Why am I still dreaming of my ex from 2 years ago?

Ever since July I've been dreaming about me and my ex getting back together, nothing sexual, just us going out on dates. Usually about once or twice a week ill dream about him. And occasionally I'll see this girl that I used to be friends with, but she tried to get with my ex, while we were still dating. I'm just confused as to what this means, or if it even means anything.


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What Guys Said 2

  • probably because you miss it, doesn't mean you mis him specifically, but just the times you shared.
    as to what the girl is doing in your dream is unclear to me, maybe a fear of someone taking someone from you?

    have you been with someone since?

    • No, but its mostly because of this crush I have on this other guy

  • He probably took your virginity


What Girls Said 1

  • could be that you still have feelings for you ex
    you never got closure

    • I don't know, i haven't talked to him in a year and a half, we just recently started talking, but its just small talk. I don't think i like him tho

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