How do you know when to move on ot keep trying?

I really want to keep trying with this guy because I messed up and let my temper get the best of me, but it's been a week and I don't know if I should give up or keep trying.


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  • When some random dude you barely know told you on Snapchat to stop wasting your time with him

  • How would you like to be approached if you were the guy?

  • <14yroldadvice if you have one else you're interested don’t see any reason y not

    • That's completely flawed logic

    • Sounds like a border line rapist to me. If you've mentioned you don't like it and he continues to do it, that means it's against your will. He is trying to be an alpha male and show you he is the one in control not you. This could be a sign of pre existing or a development of a psychotic disorder. I've studied the human brain for a while, and this don't sound like it'll end well for you if you stay. If he gets upset about it when you ask him why, it's because he feels like you're questioning his authority and threatening his dominant position as being the one in control. If he knows it makes you feel uncomfortable and still does it, then he gets off by forcing women to sexually do what he desires.

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