My ex is giving me mixed signals?

We broke up a few months ago and he spent a month trying to win me back, but he just wasn't being the guy I knew in the relationship so I rejected him multiple times until he blocked me. He came back after a month and he's been trying for the past week to win me back again, he apologised a LOT, spoke to me, said he wants to meet me, all of that stuff. However he can go from sending me paragraphs of things telling me he wants to be with me, begging me to let him be the man he can be with me, he wants to come home to me every day, he wants a future and he just wants to see me laugh and smile and for us to be happy in life. He keeps mentioning missing my smile and wanting to see it and us being happy a lot.

But then won't text me for a few days, or I will respond to something he's said and he won't open the message he will just start a new conversation if he sees me post something. I messages first today and got ignored. I feel like there's mixed signals I know it sounds petty but I don't know it feels like the actions aren't always matching the words, he will say he can't wait to see me and misses me but hasn't made actual plans to see me. He told me he hasn't been with anybody since me months ago but I just don't understand these mixed signals?


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  • I would never return with someone who broke up with me. The suffering is not worth it.

  • Never go back to an ex


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