Guys I need your insight into a guys mind, this one is so hot and cold, I just don't understand?

Okay so my boyfriend of 8 years (4.5 living together) broke up with me 3 weeks ago. He said he was tired of waiting around for me to fix my problems, that there's no spark anymore, that he dosent love me like that anymore. we still live together because he said I can as long as I want. I'm so confused, his actions and his words to match up. He says we just friends, but that he still cares and I make him happy and he still enjoys my company.. he asked me wear the promise rings we gave each other on a chain, said it would be depressing to me throw them anyway.. he still walks around the apartment in just his boxers, dosent mind if I'm not wearing anything either, at first sight I'm going to cry he wants to snuggle (no we don't sleep in the same bed) he keeps calling the apartment "our" place or "home".
BUT he started seeing a 19 year old (he's 23) less then week after we broke up, his already stated at her place (with her parents), he's moving way to fast with this girl for only dating for 2.5 weeks, I keep telling him to slow down because I don't want him hurt. He says he really likes her but at the same i can tell he still has feelings for me.

Guys i need help here! I'm so confused. Is he just going through something? (We started dating when he was 15, we are each other's first) or his he actually over me? Is there any chance we can work things out? We get along better now, we laugh and joke around more then we use to (I think the purssure of him thinking it was his job to make me happy was just to much, he hated being the one to always pick me back because I couldn't do it myself (I'm working on it)


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  • He doesn't want to just dump you out on the street. But i think your right, you can work things out with him. Try the cold shoulder to him. If he truly values your company and happiness; he'll drop whatever to provide as his instinct drives him to do. Tell him how much you were hurt.

    • I've tired not talking to him when he at the apartment and he won't let that happen.. He keeps talking and trying to make me laugh til I give in and talk to him

    • I've tried that it doesn't work, the one night when he got back i didn't say anything to him and he wouldn't leave me alone until he got me talk and laugh..

    • Precisely that's showing that he cares. Now the next time he does it, point it out and ask why he's being a "pest"

  • Just break up with him, easy solution.

  • It's a rebound, he's not actually in to her, he's just trying to get a lay, and get over you


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