Should I Breakup Or Not And Where's My RelationShip At?

So i've been knowing this girl since 4 years and we got along amazingly although one day we agreed to be in a relationship with eachother cause we both had feelings for eachother ( despite the fact that It's a long range relationship ) however I really love that girl and I'm ready to go to the next step with her, Problem Is recently ( or prob since a while ) she's been acting different and not the behavior that signals she lost interest in me
I really don't know how to summarize it other than she's not that type that replies fast or a lot
she keeps it short and not that often replies but on calls and video calls she does talk
she has a lot of male best friends which I don't know if it should threaten me or not but I feel like threatened of losing her cause of them
I feel like she shows a lot of attention to them than me
she says they're just friends and I love you most, However her behavior shows otherwise I don't know why maybe I'm mistaken I don't know that
But mostly this guy who's on her quote is a best friend only ( despite the fact that she wanted to become his girlfriend once ) is getting a lot of attention from her ( PS : she knows him way before me yet on her saying didn't have a relationship with cause she was rejected by his mother )
I really feel threatened by him ( we dont know eachother )
It reached the point that even on a call she texts him and calls him while calling me at the same time
I don't know what to think quite frankly Is he a lover to her or not or what
despite the fact that she's older than me by 2 years but age wasn't a problem cause I really love her and she really means a lot to me but she doesn't show that much interest in me or any signs like ( calling me or asking how I am or just calling me It's mostly me doing these things ) but she says she loves me so i'm really caught up between a rock and a very hard place >_<

Sorry For Long Texts I'm Bad At Summarizing Thanks In Advance For Whoever Answers This Question And It Would Greatly Help Me, Much Appreciated :D


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  • What's the normal timing of u texting her or calling her? Break that rythrm. Don't call her for few days. Let her respond. If ur relation is just over internet and not personal. I don't think u have much chances of saving it. Especially when u seem to be more interested in her. Woman tend to go for relations that they can enjoy. Means personal. So long distances generally don't work out much. And they have always so many candidates lining up all the time it's easy for them to switch over. Focus more on ur studies. Don't waste time on girls. This isn't the time for u to worry about them much. In the end. If she like doesn't call u up after a week or so. Consider it lost. A relation only smoothly works when both parties are equally interested in each other. Rest are doomed to fall apart sooner or later.


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