Should I Breakup Or Not And Where's My RelationShip At?

So i've been knowing this girl since 4 years and we got along amazingly although one day we agreed to be in a relationship with eachother cause we both had feelings for eachother ( despite the fact that It's a long range relationship ) however I really love that girl and I'm ready to go to the next step with her, Problem Is recently ( or prob since a while ) she's been acting different and not the behavior that signals she lost interest in me
I really don't know how to summarize it other than she's not that type that replies fast or a lot
she keeps it short and not that often replies but on calls and video calls she does talk
she has a lot of male best friends which I don't know if it should threaten me or not but I feel like threatened of losing her cause of them
I feel like she shows a lot of attention to them than me
she says they're just friends and I love you most, However her behavior shows otherwise I don't know why maybe I'm mistaken I don't know that
But mostly this guy who's on her quote is a best friend only ( despite the fact that she wanted to become his girlfriend once ) is getting a lot of attention from her ( PS : she knows him way before me yet on her saying didn't have a relationship with cause she was rejected by his mother )
I really feel threatened by him ( we dont know eachother )
It reached the point that even on a call she texts him and calls him while calling me at the same time
I don't know what to think quite frankly Is he a lover to her or not or what
despite the fact that she's older than me by 2 years but age wasn't a problem cause I really love her and she really means a lot to me but she doesn't show that much interest in me or any signs like ( calling me or asking how I am or just calling me It's mostly me doing these things ) but she says she loves me so i'm really caught up between a rock and a very hard place >_<

Sorry For Long Texts I'm Bad At Summarizing Thanks In Advance For Whoever Answers This Question And It Would Greatly Help Me, Much Appreciated :D
Should I Breakup Or Not And Where's My RelationShip At?
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