He stopped making eyes at me?

We had flirted every time we seen each other and he mad mega eye contact at me. This time, no eye contact 😢 what would have changed?

I really like him but I get so nervous around him, which means that I think I tend to look uninterested and I give him the cold shoulder etc.


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  • Sounds like you gotta pull up those lady pants and be direct with him

    • Does it mean he's not interested any more maybe?

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    • He paid me a compliment this morning when I seen him!!! He's never done that before. He said "you're looking well".

    • That is a hella good sign!!! Keep it up!

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  • He started dating a woman who never gave him the cold shoulder. Or he is planning to very soon.

  • Lol it doesn't mean anything. Stop being so serious of every act.

    • Do you not think he's maybe not interested anymore?

  • he might have lost interest, has another girl or is just busy with other things in his life

    • Yea I did wonder if he'd lost interest maybe 😢

    • don't fixate on one guy. He will be more interested when you have alternatives

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