My ex and I have been no contact since he broke up with me 4 months ago. What is his problem?

So my ex and I have been no contact since he broke up with me 4 months ago.I figure if he wants to talk he can come to me (which I told him so he knew the ball is in his court). A mutual guy friend I met through my ex and I have been at a few get-togethers and this friend doesn't agree with the way he broke up with me-and he has been vocal to my ex about it. This has caused tension in their friendship. Another mutual friend has asked if there is something "going on" between the two of us (there really isn't). Is this all coming from my ex? He won't talk to me and to "cope" he tends to cut people off when he's "done" with them. He gets so bent out of shape about me and certain situations still-what's going on?


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  • It is probably best that he cut you off basically because when you do meet a guy that you really like (my situation) and I have my ex coming around saying how he misses just the two of us and how he wants me back and what not. I like the idea that we broke up on good terms but most ex's are just trying to get their turn back if they see you are happy with someone else. It is for your best interest that you leave him in the past cause there IS a reason he didn't make it to your future!


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