She likes me but rejected me.. Wait what?

Moved to sanew state about 3 years ago and met this girl at the place I work. Became friends really fast. We ended up getting really close much to her by dismay.

Eventually one night we admitted feelings for each other and shared a kiss which led to sex.

She told me how she's never wanted anything more in her life etc..
Breaks up with her boyfriend the next morning. I thought OK so it will be the two of us. Wrong.

She tells me she's still hurting from the breakup. And needs time but still wants to be friends. I said fine, we still hung out and still hooked for a bit.

Eventually it came to a stop and said no more, she needs to not be in a relationship for a really long time. That I should date this really cute girl that shops at our job.

Like our friendship started with her liking me.

Anyway whatever I decide to respect the decision.
So I decided to focus on me and go NC. Everytime I get a text about a week later with her going off on me for not talking to her.

I tell this girl that enough is enough. Like she has plenty of friends. Why does she only get mad at me when I don't respond?

So I had a conversation with her about it and she tells me that she misses me as a friend and we don't talk much anymore. She just missed how close we are and she promises not to go off on me anymore.

I told her sure we can we can still hang out (but I don't really have the intention of doing so) and I did tell her that a sport we were going to play together I already signed up my team (which I did) and she'll have to find a different team.

Should I just tell her I want all or nothing. and she's even told me she only loses her mind when I go silent but doesn't do it to anyone else. So why me? If we're supposed to be just friends why is she acting like this.

Also I'm not interested in a friendship anymore. Mentally I'm exhausted and don't want to do this anymore. She texted me a bunch yesterday but I just haven't responded
left out a part. When she told me she's needs to not be in a relationship for a long time. I asked for space and then we can Maybe resume being friends.

she gave me either stay friends now or stay out of her life. I choose to stay friends cause reasons.
But now at the end like I said I'm not interested in just a friendship anymore


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What Girls Said 1

  • I definitely think you should put your cards on the table once and for all — either she’s in or she’s out. She sounds very confused as to what she ultimately wants, and honestly has me under the impression that she’s still sorting things with her ex, and trying to keep you on the side. It’s not fair t subject you to that, and hold you back from moving on. It’s selfish, tbh.


What Guys Said 1

  • You don't seem to understand the concept of friendship, you obviously was someone she could feel at ease talking to, she's been going through a hard time and you should be there for her, doesn't have to be sex and kisses all the time you know, use your other head for this one :).

    • Maybe I dont understand the concept. But all I asked for when she said we can't be together was some time to myself. And she forces an ultimatum on me? And when i decided to stay friends she still tries to hook up with me. It's extremely confusing and tiring. It's stopped as of two weeks ago but. I'm tired man

    • I understand, she doesn't know what she wants but you were the only thing that she could use to get her mind off things, ultimately it's your choice whether you decide to withstand it or not.

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