Should I believe him that he didn't do anything with her?

My ex and I have been broken up for about a month. He wants to try again but there is a couple of things getting to me. During the time we were broken up his friend met a girl and the girl would bring her friend along to hang out. He says that he never did anything with her, but I got this weird kind of breakup message sent to my phone by accident off his phone, he called like two seconds after and said that it was his friend sending a message to the girl he was seeing.

I don't know whether to believe that he didn't do anything with her or not. We never stopped talking the whole time we were together, but he only mentioned this other girl today, when it started two weeks ago.

I need to know whether he is telling the truth, I can't be with him again if he was with someone in between, it would just always get too me, and I'd rather not even bother. Could he be telling the truth?


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  • Why do you care, it's not like you're his girlfriend atm.

    • Omg, that is the point! he wants to get back together with me now! he sent that message to my phone today. please don't answer if you are not going to read the question properly.

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    • Not if he is trying to work things out with me at the same time. And its not that he's not allowed to but I want to know because I'm not going to waste my time on someone who's feelings are so easy to forget when another girl is around. got it? sheesh. I have every right to know if it affects me, which it does, because he is trying to get back with me, and I'm don't want to get messed around.

    • Why didn't you say so.

  • Well it's hard to know for sure given the info you provided. This may be one where you have to ask him directly.

    One thing to remember is that you do not know the other girl. Nothing may have happened; something may have happened; something happened that your ex did not want to happen; etc. She could be a nice person with no interest in your ex or a raging slut.

    You need to ask him is there or was there ever anything between the two of them.

    Finally, I am not sure why it would "get to you." Especially if he wants just you back in his life.

    • I guess. Its just happened to me with a past ex, he had sex with a girl while we were working things out, and didn't tell me. The only reason I found out is because he got drunk and bragged to someone who worked with my best friend. I would rather find out and be able to work things out without the secrets. Thanks for answering.

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