Do you think she is sincere or letting me down easy?

I started talking to a girl a while back and we were super into each other. We had our first date on Friday but she said she wasn’t ready to jump into anything because she just got divorced from her abusive husband (physical, mental, verbal and sexual abuse) and I told her she was worth the wait and that I understood.

So, on our date we end up making out in my car and I asked her to by my girlfriend (knowing she said she wasn’t ready), but she said yes and we ended up having a great night. We kept talking all weekend and we made plans for several dates going forward then Monday she says she’s sorry and that her ex is causing her trouble and that she isn’t ready yet. The way she worded it seemed so let down easy, but given what she had said prior it seemed sincere. I told her I understand and that I’m not mad at her. She said she still likes me and in the future wants to try again and said we can still hang out.

but she slowly getting distant to almost radio silent now.

Did I blow it with her? Should I give her space? Did she just let me down easy?


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  • Speaking as someone who was massively messed up after being in an emotionally abusive relationship for only 8 damned months, I can say with apprehensive confidence that she's not just letting you down easy, she's genuinely got a lot of headstuff to deal with.

    • That seems plausible, but why is she getting distant?

  • She came to her senses that starting a relationship now when she's just recovering from that abusive past it's not a good idea. Keep checking on her every once in a while maybe invite her for a coffee and most important let her know that you're there as a friend respecting her wishes and space.


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