What do you think of on/off & make up/break up relationships?

like one day you're hot then cold then the next day you guys are all over each other then the next day, the guy treats you like he doesn't even know u. what is with that? does that really happen to anyone else?


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  • I personally think that's ridiculous. I mean if you love someone you should be consistent and don't confuse them. Sure you can argue occassionally, but if it's just because you feel bored or can't be bothered so you ignore your partner, then that's stupid. If no-one's done anything wrong then there's no valid reason for it.

    I have done that to people in the past, so yes it does happen to quite a few people, depends on their mindset whether or not it lasts. It's the same with couples that argue all the time- some stupid women say that creates 'passion' and keeps the relationship exciting, but it doesn't.

    • Me I like consistency. its either all or nothing. now if he is going to treat me like I'm an option, then forget it

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    • That's the same way my ex was first day we met he was all over me then when we started dating he was not as into me as before

    • Especially after they got into your pants, it gets boring to them...

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