I feel kinda lost... Am I crazy?

Alright right now im feeling kinda lost... I feel like... getting back together with my ex but i feel like a weak sorry excuse for a guy. I am just a 5'9 140 pound dude which is pretty skinny. I just don't see anything attractive about myself. People usually call me skinny and refer to me as weak. This is the reason for my confidence being so low. I broke up with her because i felt like she would just go out with anyone because she has low self esteem because of her previous relationships which she does. I felt like i needed to improve myself physically to feel better about myself. I felt like she was too good for me so i broke up with her so she can find someone who is better. She said she would wait for me but that promise didn't last long. I know i have no right to be upset at her but i still am. She went out with someone stronger and better looking than me no homo just stating facts. Like i predicted she can find someone way better than me. The reason they broke up is because the guy wanted to do sexual stuff with her but she didn't want to do that so he broke up with her. Im trying to at least find one other girl who finds me attractive. I know that sounds bad but i just need to know. Because this constant thought in my head that im too skinny so no one would want to be with me stays in my head. I just need to find one other person that genuinely finds me attractive.


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  • you are fine! don't get back in a relationship to feel better about yourself.

    and don't break up with someone because you feel like shit. no matter how good you think a girl is for you, there's a reason why she said yes to you.

    who cares really about whether a girl finds you attractive or not? you already found one, and that's more than me when i was your age...

    • I feel the reason she said yes to me because she was desperate to have a boyfriend. When we were friends (i l had a crush on her at the time) she used to talk about her crush. At the time she tried to be more than friends with the guy but it never worked out. So when she gave up going after him she started to then get close to me. I dont want to be anyones last choice. She had barely any close friends and had a feuding family. She just really wanted a boyfriend to be there for her. What she really needed was a friend. Did she choice me because she was emotionally weak or she actually found my attractive. The reason why being attractive is so important to me is because i want a truly honest opinion on my looks to just get rid of the whole skinny is not attractive out of my head.

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    • I feel better now *

    • im glad lol now stop being so insecure and own it like i know you can

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