How can you get an ex back?

I know people might say try to move on or get on with your life. But I was wondering if anyone had any stories or tips to help get back an ex. This is mostly concerning a guy who seems to be confused and "needs time". So if anyone can share some good stories PLEASE :) Or maybe something that made you realize you made a mistake leaving your ex (or gf) and up to how long it might have taken to realize this! And did any of you intentionally try to show her (almost prove to her) that you were having fun or girls did any boyfriends do this to you?


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  • i, personally, have yet to get back with an ex. every one of my boyfriends were one-timers. I might make an exception for a few, but there's a reason for every break-up. first, think about why the relationship didn't work in the first place, and see if it'd be worth it to try to renew the relationship. second, if you DID get back with them, think about if anything has changed since the first relationship, because you might just go through the same thing again. third, if you're sure you want them back, give it a lot of time at first. keep yourself busy and try to not think about him too much. then after a while, get to know them again as friends. that means, MINIMUM flirting! NO hidden messages about wanting to get back together. you're sole purpose should be becoming friends again. once you're familiar with who they've become, then you can push it a little further and turn up your game. if you really feel like you want them back, then just keep going for it! but it's important to get to know them as friends so you can see if this is what you really want. otherwise, you could get hurt again. who knows, maybe you'd rather have them as a friend instead.


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