Why would he ask who I thought his crush is?

I was texting my good friend tonight about all kinds of random stuff. We text a lot and I consider him a good friend. He is shy around me at school so we don’t talk in person much. He has apologized for that saying he is embarrassed. We were talking about a formal
Dance coming up at school and who is asking who and I asked him if he will be asking anyone. He said “I don’t know” and that if he asked his crush his friends would never let it go. Then out of the blue he said “ out of curiosity who do you think I like?” I was shocked he asked me that! I told him I had no idea and told him a few ideas friends had mentioned about these other girls and he said absolutely no to each of them and then said he had to go and quickly the conversation ended. Why would he ask me what I thought? Like who I thought he liked? We don’t talk about that stuff with each other. I’m confused by that. It was just out of no where.


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  • Sometimes when you like someone, you want to tell them. It may be the worst decision, it may not. But the feeling of wanting to get it off ones chest or telling them is always there. I guess he probably just wanted to tell you. You're probably his crush. I think you probably never considered him to like you so that's why he asked. And he thinks you'd be surprised to know.


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  • I thinks he likes you that's probably why he's awkward around you and why he asked

  • Might just be an innocent question or maybe he thinks you like him?


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