No contact for 3 days then talked?

Well yesterday me and my ex girlfriend ended up having to see each other because of something that had happened. The entire last month of me talking to her and letting her string me along all she ever said was that we would never get back together.

Well we talked a little bit about it yesterday after 3 days of NC and I asked her if she was going to consider and this time she said we'll see. It's not a yes but it's also not a no, seems like she might be starting to think about it already.

Finally after she left, I received a text from her about 20 minutes later saying "Thanks for talking to me today", so I'm really starting to believe she doesn't like not having me there, and maybe she's actually taking me serious. What do you think? I'm still going to stick to no contact between me and her until she can say yes.


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  • My Opinion-->Wow, this is actually a hard one for me. She seems like she is giving a legit answer maybe she's just missing you. I don't think this is a yes, maybe like a let's start over.

    My Advice--> I like the plan about no contact until she says yes but my suggestion would be to check up on her every once in a while to still show you care like a little "Hey, How are you". because, if your texting her all the time asking if she made up her mind yet it will make you seem desperate. So instead just check up on her. && If she finally makes up her mind and it's a yes then score for you if it's a no, stop trying and sweetheart move on, there is no sense in just waiting for her and trying with her because obviously you seem like a great guy and she doesn't know what she's just letting go.

    I hope my advice helps you!




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