Is he ever gonna come back?

I met this guy and he was pretty nice we hung out a couple times and I started to really like him because he made me happy when I was at my worse. He always talked about us dating but not actually asked me to so I asked him out he said yes and I asked him why he said yes because I thought he liked my friend but he said because I made him happy so we dated for 3 days I think than his “friend” texted me from his phone saying we’re totally different people and we shouldn’t be together and stuff so I was like “o ok I can’t rlly stop u please don’t reach on anything thank you” and he texted back saying that wasn’t him and he wants to explain what happened so we talked it out and we were fine but the next morning he texted me and said “ I don’t think I’m ready for a relationship” it really hurt me because just the night before that he told me he wouldn’t break up w me unless I wanted to and I made him genuinely happy but at the same time I think it was his mom who texted me because he didn’t have his phone that day and I don’t think he would hurt me he was such a gentleman to me he was there for me when I had bad days and I just can’t stop thinking about him what should I do?


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  • He is playing games and is not ready for a relationship as he is too immature still.

    You have to move on with your life. This guy is not worth your energy and time.


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