Ex-girlfriend being hot and cold?

So last week, she was friendly and teasing me. Even making small talk. Talks about my muscle building competition. In return, I teased her not to attend because I don't want her to take topless photos of me.

I see her this Tuesday, she completely ignores me. So like whatever.

Then I see her at the gym again on Wednesday evening. She is staring at me while she works out.

After her workout, I would notice she would stare and smile at me and my friend working out. She sats in a place talking to her friend. I honestly have never seen her sit there ever which was bizarre. She was generally facing my direction.

Just thoughts on this?

Honestly, I do want her back.


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  • is she cheking you out or your friend?
    could be that as well.

    where did you see her on tuesday? it could have something to do with that location.


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