Girls, I want my ex to block me is it easier?

Ok me and my ex have been broken up for 4 months, she still might text me on occasion nothing serious, I myself tried blocking her but it's like it doesn't last because I get in my feelings, but she recently told me that her boyfriend got mad at her because he seen the text messages between us, but then like a week later I decide to be the one to initiate contact and she went off on me saying to leave her alone that she has a boyfriend that she's happy with and that I'm causing problems because we still have contact she even told me that she is going to block me but she never did, and most likely she's going to text me at night trying to talk I don't know what to do because I love her like crazy I mean we was together for 4yrs, I don't know is rather have her just block me so she won't so I can't message her or go on her fb or call


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  • Chances are, it was most likely the boyfriend that sent that text. Either that or he was sitting right next to her and she was doing that for his benefit. Regardless, she shouldn't be talking to you while she has a boyfriend.

    • I thought about it being her boyfriend but I thought it was crazy, bit I'd rather she block me

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    • I would just take it for what it is and just walk away. Seems like she is somewhat stringing you along. People do that to others in case it doesn't work out with the person they are with.

    • If she gotta string somebody along then she should just not be in the relationship

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