Does he like. me or her?

The guy I like showed interest signs like holding eye contact, teasing me, he tapped on my shoulder when I was coughing etc
However, he never like or comment on my pics but does with other girls. One of the group posted a pic , including me, him, her and the rest of the group and he commented on it
Does he like her? or is he try to be friendly? Or what?


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  • Depends on his idea of commenting, maybe he is afraid of commenting because he likes you, or maybe he is commenting on her pics because he likes her. But you will never score a point unless you take a shot, so if you want him go get him

    • But he does not really show interest in her the way he does with me
      And I left a comment on the pic before him if that would matter

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    • Maybe or maybe I misinterpreted his signs intersts

    • Maybe, but you will only know if you ask/pursue him

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