Is this a valid reason for him to cancel plans with me?

Please don't make a comment about talking to my ex again and to move on, I believe in second chances. We broke up a few months back and he has begged to be back with me multiple times but I couldn't trust him, we are finally getting to a place I would be ok with him again and we made plans to see each other for the first time in three months and I started to get excited. But he's cancelled because he doesn't want to leave his teenage sister home alone in case she brings a guy over, and his friend died not long ago and he wants time to take it in and process it because he hasn't 'had time'.

I'm usually so understanding but it's the first time in three months we would see each other, it's taken ages to get to this point and I feel let down. He lives an hour away and works a lot so it always made seeing each other a big deal because it couldn't happen a lot. Am I wrong to feel annoyed and hurt? I feel guilty for it...


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  • Don't feel guilty for feeling let down. You were looking forward to seeing him and he cancelled.

    Yes it is a good reason but you also are allowed to feel upset.


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