Should I send him a message that I miss him?

Something happened between us. He started sexting me and I played along. We sent each other’s videos, and we had been friends for a year. He is older than I am and he knows that I like him.
That night of the whole sexting thing, we agreed to meet up at his place to have sex. That night I asked if he was drunk or sober and he said he was sober. Well a few hours before meeting each other he texted me to apologize that what happen that night and that it shouldn’t happened. That he shouldn’t had put be I. Such position.

I miss him. I sent him a message how I felt about the situation last week and I was buzzed. So the next morning I told him to disregard the message and he did. He just read it and didn’t reply. But he always does that.
Should I send him a text/msg on how I miss seeing him. At least like friends?


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  • Tbh ur kinda past friends point. Do you just want to be freinds or do y'all wanna fuck really? Seems strange he would pull back last min if he was sober and ready unless there was good reason?

    • I want a relationship because I truly like him. Him on the other hand that night we were texting or wtv. He kept saying how he just been wanting to Fuck me and what not. But he never told me because I’ll become attached. I asked if he was sober or drunk and he said he was sober.

      The following morning he apologized of what happened and that he should t have put me in such position and that he had a buzz. That he was sorry and that we should forget about the whole thing. That he should help me build me up and not be a source of sin.

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    • Lied about him just wanting to fuck me?

    • him lying being buzzed saying he was sober when he wantes to fuck you for those reasons.

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