How do you take back a rejection of an acceptance?

Sit back, and buckle up, because this will take a while to explain.
So, a guy gave me a confession note.
I accepted his feelings,
Then I took it back (I rejected him), by saying I was confused and that I thought I did but I wasn't so sure anymore.
I felt awful.
I've realized that I have feelings for him and everything we could have been, but he's one of my best friends.
I haven't told him anything- I friendzoned him after this incident.
Why do I feel like this? Why do I change my mind all the time? And how do I tell him that I fucked up?
Yes, I'm an asshole.
How do I fix this?


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  • Be honest. Tell him that you didn't know how to react to what he did and a rejection slipped out but you really wanted to accept it. Be very sincere about how you act so he knows you're not just using him or doing this just because you feel bad.

  • Tell him exactly what u just told us.. you fucked up feelings are there.. its in his court now but come straightforward you have nothing to lose at this point only to gain.. goodluck!!


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