Advice to get over an infatuation?

I barely had any sort of relationship with this guy, we went out twice, but he has been all I think about. I get hopeful when he sends me things, but knocked down when the conversation is lackluster after. Honestly, it has sent me into kind of a depression over the past few days. I've never had this happen before, as I usually take it in stride; though I do think it was one of the first times I really, really liked a guy.

I am almost positive that he doesn't like me, and if he does, I want to be, at least, half-way moved on by the time I find out. Any suggestions?


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  • I know how you feel. I was infatuated with a co worker last year. It’s funny now lol but it hurt so bad when I was infatuared with her.

    Just distract yourself.
    Watch a funny movie
    Go o. YouTube watch a funny video
    Hang with friends or something
    Distract your mind

    The feeling will pass in times trust me. I’m the lover type and I fall hard but the feeling will go away.

    Another trick... picture him sitting on the toilet taking a poop. It works all the time ;)

    • I'll definitely try some of these things. It even is refreshing to just know that someone else knows what I'm talking about; I was beginning to feel very alone. Thanks; I'll go do some of the stuff that I enjoy and see where that takes me.

    • You’re welcome

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