I just can't escape my ex?

My highschool love broke up with me like 4 years ago, and I took it super bad and send her nudes to her friends and family like a douchebag like I was. then fell into a depression over all that happened, then I decided to try my best to never be that person which I feel like I successfully did mentally and physically, but I always have a dream about her like once a month about me and her meeting while older and her forgiving me. I never apologized to her in anyway , does any body think I should try to apologize since I can't escape that dream or live with my curse?


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  • Just curious - did the nudes have her face on them?
    Answer - yes, apologize. Find her and say sorry to her face. She may not forgive you. But you could try. Does she still have anger against you? If so, try not to talk to her.

  • Apologising is about ur guilt and may drag it back up for her again when she in a happy place

    • That's what I thought, but everyone I know and the last girl to answer said I should apologize, I've been wrong while my subconscious may be telling me what's right

    • Wats right about reminding her of the shame she wuld have felt about what u did. Just dragging up dat embarrassment again

  • Yes, apologize.

    • Ok I will , has any douchebag did that to you like I did?

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    • Wish her the best and him the worst, thats the best thing you can do

    • yeah you're right. But good for you for wanting to apologize. Hope it goes well for you.

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