My ex boyfriend is acting strange?

okay so, the guy I was recently dating dumped me. Ever since he broke up with me he’s been extremely rude!! He said we’d be friends no matter what and he wanted to be friends with me so badly. He won’t even talk to me anymore and just ignores me if I try to text him. He also blocked my number. I don’t know if it’s still blocked though. Anyway, despite that ever since we broke up I started going to the library during lunch at school bc I no longer sit with him. Every day that we’ve been broken up he comes in there with his buddy.

His buddy usually sits outside and then my ex will come out of class when the bell rings and then they go to the library and the thing is my ex knows I’m in there. I used to sit at a table by the door and he’d come in and sit in chairs that were facing my table. I eventually moved and I now sit in a chair right behind the table and now him and his buddy sit where I used to. If they don’t go to the library they will walk past it several times and then come in eventually. The other day, I walked out of the library to go to the bathroom and my ex and his friend were walking and they seen me exit the library and then when I came back to the library they came in there.5 seconds later. I’ve also caught him staring at me too a few times. What’s going on? Can somebody help me?


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What Guys Said 2

  • It’s possible he wants you back, but he’s waiting for you to approach him. The silence is to help you first to forgive and get past issues, then for you to miss his presence. This is a typical approach to recovering a relationship, albeit manipulative, it works.

    If you’re interested, approach him.

  • from this i can only assume his feelings for you have not yet come to pass.
    they're still there.

    might i inquire what ended the relationship?
    because i feel there are quite some unresloved feelings that remain.

    • I honestly really don’t know. He won’t tell me or anybody else. I feel like his parents had something to do with it bc they didn’t like him dating. They wanted him to wait longer for whatever reason. He just broke up with me and didn’t explain why.

    • So the parents might be a reason, but did you just accept him letting you know that you were over, without any reason, that's just not right.

      i'm sorry for this dear, thats not fair to you.

      maybe you should talk to him, since he does not talk i'm afraid you not to take charge, unless you feel absolutely no need to find out why and just want him to go away.
      in which case i would suggest letting him know not to follow you anymore, that its creepy.

What Girls Said 1

  • Don't take him back because the rudeness he has given you does not go away, it festers underneath and will cause even more rudeness.. I think he's realised he's fked up but to late for that... best thing to do is keep ignoring him until any residual feelings you had for him are gone, maybe you'll become more civil to each other. post breakups are always the same somebody gets hurt, the person hurt stops biting, usually the dumper thinks why is that person not chasing after me like I'm gods gift? Now sit back and watch with amusement his other attempts to get ur attention

    The new girlfriend rubbed in your face...
    Just keep afterthought in your mind when it happens the rudeness he said to you... her problem now right?


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