I love him but I dont like him not emotionally and nor physically. What?

We’ve been dating for like one year and the last two months when he started working in another city, a lot of stuff changed, like if we were together for two hours every day now we are like 5 mins only. So he is tired all the time and then i started working and now both of us are tired all the time. I became very aggressive towards him because everytime we meet he is literally dying. So in addition, he is not romantic at all and i really moss and need this in relationship. So i kinda gave up on him and decided to break up but i still like having sex with him, yesterday even my body disliked him and now i dont even want him. So I don't know i love him very much but i just dont like him anymore i guess. What should i do?


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  • Cut all contact completely, let time and space heal you.


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