What should I do when I see my ex?

I have not been contacting my ex for almost a month. We’ve been really close even after breaking up for 7 months. However, I felt like I have been taken for granted. As he have got a new girlfriend, but whenever things aren’t going well for them, he would come to me and spend a lot of time with me. Which I find it very unhealthy for me, as I do still like him a lot. So I decided to cut contact with him. We have a mutual friend and she helped me asked if he was going to church tomorrow, and he replied yes. So what should I do if I see him? Do I say hi first? Do I like sit beside him for service? Do I act like we are stranger? (Some of the Church mates know that we are quite close)


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  • I would just act normal. Treat him like any other guy... but in a case like this i would not sit with him. As long as you want him to stay your ex you do not want to send mixed messages.

    • We have a mutual friend. I guess it would be fine if she sits in the middle right?

    • Well i think it would be better apart... but if you have no choice. Remember he is your ex for a reason right?

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