Why is she silent? Will she text back?

My friend and his girlfriend are broken up the second time in 1 month. The first time the girl cried a lot and was devastated want him back.

However, they break up again after 1 week and she was the one who break up, she said he doesn’t give her enough attention as a girlfriend and she feels it’s hard to continue. My friend said ok but he thought she would be back again and they’re silent to each other 2 weeks.

Do you guys think the girl will text back again? And why she gave up so easy after trying so hard to get back with my friend?


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  • That guy is probably frustrated because of something. Actually the same thin is happening to me right now and I wanna leave her. I’ve cried twice too because sometimes she is just too much but obviously even if we dont contact her for long I would want her back every single minute in my life. So maybe that guy can come back too.

    • The guy here wants her back but he doesn’t want to contact first because the girl said she wants to break up with him. He afraid she will try to control him if he asked her back. But what I don’t get here is, she was really devastated wants my friend back just 1 week before (actually he showed me the messages, she said she couldn’t handle it, it hurts her too much and stuff like that) then 1 week later she wants to break up and cut all contacts

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    • Ok. Domestic worry tell him that she will contact back soon

    • Well she didn’t until now :))

  • No...


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