Who hates their ex?

She was a manipulative cheater and I hate her guts.

Please detail why you hate your ex below. Thank you. 😊


Most Helpful Guy

  • well I dont really hate my ex, you give toys for the less fortunate to play with. she used me anyways, so I feel like I can be free to do whatever. I just would feel bad for the next guy that happens to come across her, because he will probs be used aswell.

    • Being used is horrible.

      I must say I like your mentality in regards to feeling sorry for her future partners rather than hating her personally 😝

    • ha sounds good dude lol

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What Girls Said 1

  • Hates a very strong word, just a learning curve 😆😂

    • Haha oh yeaaahh a "learning curve" as you put it so gently.

      I learned all about how much I hate that b**** with every bone in my body 😊

    • And so you've leeeeeearned what type of personality to watch out for in the future :)

What Guys Said 3

  • Hahaha easy one for me, I just got out of a manipulative, lying, backstabbing, relationship with a girl who I was dating off and on the last 10 years, oh I forgot she used me to get her other ex jealous of her to. Get him back...

    • Jeez that sounds horrible. Girls tend to use guys when they get lonely... But for 10 years. Wow. I am truly awestruck.

      At least you left that b**** in the past. Good work sir!

  • You don't seem like the kind of guy worth being loyal to.

  • Love


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