My boyfriend of four years broke up with me because "I am not the same person I was two months ago". What does this mean? Will we get back together?

We have been dating for almost four years, but the past couple of months he seemed very distant. He is going to school full time, as well as working part time, and is part of a sport that takes up some of his time. He also enjoys to go to the gym and hang out with his friends. He says I don't support him like I used to because I am not satisfied with the amount of time he spends with me, and that I did not support him like I should've when he had an injury.

Once I found out the way he felt, I offered my apology and asked him to give me a second chance and that I would be more supportive and be more sensitive to his feelings and personal problems. He claimed that he knew me "too well" and that I would never change and that we would always argue about me not letting him spend his own time like he wanted. I begged for a second chance, and he just refused.

I am worried that I hurt him so much he doesn't want to risk getting hurt...

PS, He never acted like this before, and it has just been since we started college. He also claims that he loves the me from "a couple of months ago" and that he doesn't believe that person will come back.


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  • he just doesn't want to be in a relationship with you any longer and is finding excuses to break up with u because he wants to fuck other girls simple. dont take it to heart. take this as a lesson. it was an experience for the both of you go out have fun meet new people there's about 315 million in the us alone

  • Turn him off and back on again. Sounds like he's a dick. Also, maybe it's not about you.

    • what do you mean turn him off and back on again?

    • I meant it as a joke... like a computer... sorry

  • So he says that you would never change but also says that you have changed a couple of months ago. You should forget about him. He doesn't deserve you


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