Reconnecting with my ex. What is her game?? Kind of long but any help would be great!

After reconnecting with my ex in a friendly way things started going well and I asked her out. She said no but we remained friends and hung out when we could and texted each other a lot. Well, at one point about a month ago I had a minor meltdown and rehashed the past for all of 30 seconds and things went downhill from there. Until earlier this week we've still been texting and talking and hanging out though the last is just less frequently.

Here's the deal though, she seems to have this idea in her head that I'm an asshole and I've apologized profusely for what I did wrong (I didn't cheat, abuse or anything like that, I pushed when things got difficult) and is constantly assuming that I'm saying things I'm not and 'looking' for ways in which I am being a jerk. The guys she dated before me were jerks so she should know one when she sees one... More often than I should have I said great things about her, told her she was beautiful, intelligent, fun, awesome, sexy, etc. and it usually OK but then every once in a while it'd make her mad.

So, after another little tiff about absolutely nothing this week I just stopped texting her first in the morning. I'd respond and wasn't rude I just didn't care, I guess I got fed up not knowing any of the 'rules.' Maybe it got to her because one day she put a copy of the crossword puzzles we do in my locker at work with a cute little note on it, same with some eggs (we have chicken coups at work, that's another story...). She also bummed rides off of me which I don't mind, it helps her mom out as much as her and her mom is cool. Then she tells me after seeing a movie with her sisters that they thought about inviting me. Why tell me that? Oh, when I thanked her for the eggs today she never responded...

That's a convoluted story, I know but any thoughts on it? Should I continue to be distant or what? Could she come around? What exactly is her game?


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  • It ganna that some time. I think she still might have some feelings for you, but she doesn't seem to really trust you. Part of reason is because of what you did and the other part is because of her past experiences that were bad and she doesn't wanna get hurt again. She's trying to be smart and act logically.

    The part about the movies, she just wanted to let you know she was thinking about you (girls normally like to hear those type of things) but I can see why that might not make sense to you, cause guys don't norally think like that.

    You said that you ignored one of her texts, so I don't really understand why your so upset that she ignored yours. She probably just ignored it because she's frustrated too, and having trouble reading you. If she likes you, she wants to trust you but she's not sure if she can anymore.

    I don't think she's playing games (at least from just the bit you told me) If you like her, take it slow and earn her trust again. But don't let her hold it over your head forever eithier, she's just trying to protect herself.


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