Should I breakup with my girlfriend who doesn't like my opinions?

Life is way to short to waste fighting with someone that disagrees with my core beliefs. why should I support her or her kids?


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  • You can compromise on a lot but you can’t compromise on values. It’s essential. Core beliefs are what shape your values so you gotta break up with her fam. It’s the only way

    • Its a hard decision but I don't want to put up with this for the rest of my life

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  • It's okay if she doesn't like your some of your opinions but if she wants to argue with you over all of your opinions then screw her, don't put up with her shit.


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  • You gotta ask yourself how you feel about her real hard. Being with a person with different points of you than you can be refreshing or it can get nasty. If you find yourself arguing more often than learning from said person maybe you're not with the right one

  • Yes.



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