He let me down so I broke up with him.... PLEASE, I need help!

the story is very complicated, bottom line I haven't contacted him in about 8 months now

(& God knows how much struggle I've been through because of this) although he told me many times to start over & forget about what happened & he wants me to be by his side...

but I was that angry & hurt that I wanted to step back & call it over!

Now I can't take it anymore, these days I do nothing but thinking about him every second (& I mean every second) of my day...

I terribly miss him! I wish we can be just friends, I do appreciate him a lot, not to mention the love I have for him... but seriously I do want to keep his friendship. the idea of not hearing his voice for good is killing me.

Guys... do you think it's over for him? should I forget about it?

if I contacted him now, I don't want to seem desperate, not to mention rejection .. any suggestions?

his birthday is approaching, how about an email saying happy birthday" & see from there?

I know my ideas are just mess, excuse me

any advise will be highly appreciated



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  • Eva, don't fool yourself you clearly want more than friendship, the friendship thing is just to get your foot in the door, right? I guess you have to ask yourself, do you love him, are you afraid of not having love again, is this just a relapse (it can and does happen, strongly too)? right now if you don't know where your heads at do nothing involving him. Yes your ideas are a mess but not to worry. If I had to guess looking at how your writing this, fear is a big factor, you can't make good calls under fear, it won't happen. find your interests for awhile (whatever those maybe), a few days, a few weeks whatever it takes, focus on those (interests do not include him sorry), ground yourself, focus, steel up, then make your choice (skip the birthday).

    • Maximust.. Thank you very much giving time reading & responding to my post

      U are abslty right, that's what my heart wants, but what I know for sure is that I want us to be friends, yes I deeply love him & all, but my priority is not loosing the friend too!

      during the last 8months, I was doing exactly what u're telling me of focusing on other interests than him, result now I'm even more confused & 8months more distant!

      am I doing sumthin wrong? what do You think? : (

      thanks in advance

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