Why do I feel this way?

After 3 years in an amazing relationship, with it's ups and downs. My girlfriend went on her mission for her church and although I proposed to her and she said she'd make things work, she decided to break up with me because I wasn't Mormon.
Months later I tried so hard to change her mind, but she said I can't ever fufil her the way someone of her religion could and she couldn't be in my life and a bunch of other stuff.

We took time apart during the three years and no matter how hard we both tried to move on, we couldn't break away and we dated again

Still I feel like I'm in the same situation. I constantly get reminded of her. She went on her mission to Canada and I have so many things come into my life now that deal with Canada. I try to date other people but things get messy and bad just like before. I feel like I'm going through the same things over and over.

I still love her, I don't want to lose her. A popular opinion of the situation is that she's in a honeymoon phase of her religion and she will chase me again when she returns home. Just like before.

The evidence of that is how conflicted her statements we're about me during the correspondence during her mission.

I can't reach out to her, the ball is in her court.

Someone please help


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  • It’s hard, especially with religion. It doesn’t sound like you are more important than it and that is not a good thing. You deserve to be.

    You have to move on. You will find someone else who makes you feel the way she does (even better actually!)

    Religion just gets in the way of EVERYTHING and you deserve so much more

  • I'm Mormon and honestly, a mission changes people, especially girls. For guys it's a bit more expected to go, but a girl completely chooses, so I would think she's pretty strong in her faith. Coming back, she's on a "spiritual high" for a bit, but relationships should be important to her too. Being LDS, I want to get married in the temple, she probably does too. That might be the biggest thing standing in your way

    • All she tried to do when we take last time was try to bring me into the church. She didn't care about what I had to say

    • I know the marriage in the temple is important to her, but even her mom told me she knew I was extremely important in her life. But she accused me of trying to change her and she had actually been trying to convert me ever since she decided to go on her mission.

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