My ex says he wants to be friends

Soo my ex says he wants to be friends...but every time we hang out he flirts with me. He:

-rests his head on my lap

-constantly hugs me

-tickles me, sometimes under the shirt

-lays with me on the couch

-rubs my feet

-bites my toes?

what should I do? If he wanted me back I would go for it, but if he doesn't them I am just feeling confused?

Oh and we went to this party tonight and the whole time he stayed with me...even though his best friend was there and she is leaving tomorrow...


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What Guys Said 1

  • huh, well friends don't normally do the type of stuff he's doing, maybe you should just ask him and proceed from there (seems obvious he's into you), but you did break up for a reason right, all up to you.


What Girls Said 1

  • Sounds like he is confused about what he wants. Its hard to go from an intimate relationship to a casual friendship without bringing up old feelings. If it bothers you just don't allow him to do this stuff, distance yourself and just be causal. When he begins to date other people it might get better because those feelings might go away. You just have to be sure about whether he actually wants a friendship, or whether he only wants it to be close to you because his feelings are still there.


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