Will Obama get a second chance ?

Obama ain't even near to completing his term, but just curious, with all that he has achieved, what are his chances of a second term ?


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  • His domestic policy is bass-akwards, and his foreign policy consists entirely of appeasement and apology. This entire boondoggle is almost a mirror image of the Carter Presidency. From his unexplainable rise from obscurity, to his painfully obvious under-qualification, the similarities are startling. Like Carter, Obama was elected by supporters who really had no idea exactly what his views and agenda were. Like Carter, Obama is letting things in Iran spiral out of control. Both of them were faced with a domestic crisis and simply sat there scratching their heads without any clue what to do. For Carter is was oil prices, for Obama it was the oil spill.

    Carter served one term then was ousted by a landslide vote. I predict the same for Obama.


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  • Whats Obama actually done?

    • Yeah, I kno, thts y I'm asking will he get a 2nd term, will the so called "minority" vote for him again, because the "minority" vote bank, gave him a majority to win.

  • I think this Country started to suffer before Obama became president and it's been going on for more than the past couple of years!(: and what our Country is going through right now was not caused by him! And that America needs to be a little more paitent and realize this Country didn't go down in 4 years so it's going to take more than 4 years to fix!

    • I agree. the country was already in a bad shape before Obama became president. It will be a while before our country is stable again.

    • He's doing a great job so far...throwing us deeper and deeper into debt. If we let him stay in office a little longer, I think things will magically get better, too.

    • You can keep your sarcastic remarks to yourself! Don't comment on my post if you can't speak like you have a bit of education and were raised in a civilization! Lets all be mature here!

  • I will always vote democratic because it's not even an option for someone else to run the country. look at all the harm bush did

    • Uh Oh! Retard alert! Look at all the harm Carter did. You're a typical blind American, unable to think for yourself, so you just follow your party like a sheep.

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    • If you read my comment, you will see that I did indeed address your rude comment. BTW, if you would like to hold an ADULT discussion, then don't resort to childish comments.

    • Don't take it personally EddyMetal thinks its cool to be an asshole yet never gets laid. You're better off just feeling bad for him.

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  • I don't it is hard to say but I am going to have to go with no. I read that if he lets this mosque get build he is throwing any chance of a second term out the window.

    • I don't understand why he even brought up the idea of building a mosque near the 9/qq site, I'd say that's a suicidal move.

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    • The mosque being built has absolutely nothing to do with Obama. Blame Bloomberg if you must, but it's private property.

    • It doesn't matter it affects the perception people have of him.

  • The liberals will never give up on the first Black president, unless a liberal woman runs for president. I think if Hillary tries one more time she'll get the presidency.

    • Totally agree with this answer

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