Is 7.5 inches a good penis size for 14?

I am currently 14 nearly 15 and I know some of you will say I shouldn't be asking about this at 14 and your totally correct but I'm really curious about this and would like to get an answer. At the moment when erect I am about 7.5 inches. What i really want to know, is this a good size and would please a woman?

Any questions/answers are very appreciated.



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  • Yes hahaha. For a 14 year old is that even possible!. Well a British average adult is around 5.4 inches erect around those lengths.. depending on where you live it could be normal. Asian guys who are adults are around 3 inches- 4inches believe it or not. Also u are quite young tk be asking whether it will please a woman. I will say that you are lucky since penis sizes will continue to grow until u are 16-18. So lucky you!😊


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