Can't forget her?

I've literly tried everything to get over my ex. its been a long time since we broke up and suddenly this month she is on my mind all day!!!
What should i do?
Its killing me!!


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  • maybe its something that reminded you of her

    something you 2 used to do.

    getting over that depends, if its something specific that reminded you, stop doing it.
    maybe its your brain remebering of how times were, and you're just ready to go into a new relationship.

    • Yeah it is
      Our fav hobby we both enjoy it.
      I went in many relationships but tbh all of em was for forgetting her and moving on but it was useless!!!
      Man i can't quit that hobby...

    • what was that hobby?

      you tried to have a relationship as a rebound, to move past her, yet none have suceeded because you're probably still comparing them to your ex.
      and thats a comparison they'll never win, no one will live up to it because you are comparing all what you loved, yet disregard what you hated or what made you guys split up in the first place.

      judge a girl by her own individual merrits, not by a standard set by another.

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