Will he come back if he unblocked me then got jealous?

Ex boyfriend dumped me. He also started no contact. We are not on talking terms right now. He unblocked me hours after blocking me, when he blocked me he said he would block if I didn’t stop messaging him. Few days after that, he got really jealous over something I did. He told me not to do it again, really mad, and calmed down after I said I only did it once. He told me not to do it again two more times.


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  • Come back in a relationship?
    And what did you do 2 more times?

    • Like come back to talking to me. He told me not to do it again 2 more times. I didn’t do it two times, he told me not to do it again 2 times

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    • So what do you think. Why would he do those things

    • He is probably trying to move on but he can't because you are messaging him. But he doesn't want to go no contact either because he either misses you or wants to stalk you.

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  • Who cares? He’s your ex why you’d care if he gets mad unless you planning on getting hom back.

    • I want to know

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    • I understand you want to know. I’m telling you that YOU shouldn’t care if he gets jealous, he seems manipulative and possessive and if i were you I’d stay clear of him.

    • Okay

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